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✂️ How to Use Templates
✂️ How to Use Templates

AI Studios has templates to help you save time and find inspiration. Learn how to use them!

Written by Sabrina Wu
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Where to Find Our Templates

AI Studios Home Screen

Our templates are available before you start a project, so you can plan ahead and get inspiration for what you want to create.

Templates Tab in an AI Studios Project

Templates are also available while you have a project open, so you can easily switch to a different template if you decide to change the direction of your work.

How to Navigate Through Our Templates

Finding the perfect template is easy with AI Studios. Whether you're looking for templates for business training videos, marketing presentations, or personal projects like travel plans and recipe videos, we have you covered.

To locate a template quickly, apply filters or enter your desired aesthetic or need directly into the search bar. You can also choose between landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) templates.

How to Import a Template into Your Project

You can import the entire template by clicking the "Add All Template" button. If you only need one slide from the template, just click on the required slide in the left-hand menu. This will import only the chosen slide, eliminating the hassle to delete any unwanted slides.

With AI Studios, you can also easily mix and match different templates to create a video that suits your needs. This means that you can select different slides from as many templates as you'd like, without worrying about losing the ones you've already chosen.

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