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🎬 How to Use Layers
🎬 How to Use Layers

Learn how to use layers to stack text, design elements, images, and more for a dynamic and visually appealing video.

Written by Sabrina Wu
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Layers are essential tools in any creative software. They allow you to make changes to specific elements without affecting the rest of your design. With layers, you can easily modify and experiment with different parts of your slide, giving you more control and flexibility over your creative process. Whether you're adjusting colors, rearranging elements, or adding effects, layers make it simple to make targeted edits and bring your ideas to life.

When you upload media or elements into AI Studios, the most recently added file will always be positioned at the top or front of the layers.

Selecting Layers

To access layer menu options, right-click on any element. If the layer you want to work with is at the back and inaccessible, click on the "Select Layer" menu to choose the layer you need.

Adjusting Layer Positioning

Once you have selected a layer, you can change its position relative to other layers. The more forward a layer is, the less it will be covered by other elements. Conversely, bringing layers back will cause them to be overlapped by other elements.

Final Touches

To exit the menu, simply left-click anywhere on the screen. Once you have adjusted all your layers, you can easily create multidimensional AI video graphics!

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