How to Add Pauses to Script
Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

One underrated but useful feature in AI Studio is the ability to add pauses to your avatar's speech. Pauses can be particularly helpful when you want to give viewers time to watch a video or review a graphic. They can also add a subtle emphasis or provide a natural rhythm to your avatar's speech.

To add a pause to your AI Avatar's speech, first click where in the text you want to add a pause. Then, navigate to the button with a clock icon located at the bottom of your script box.

Once you click on the clock icon button, a yellow box with 0.5 will appear in the script. This is where your AI Avatar will take a pause.

The default setting is 0.5 seconds or half a second. You can click on the yellow box to make a text box appear. In the text box, you can adjust the duration of the pause in half-second intervals or by 0.5 intervals.

You can add as many pauses as you need in the script box.

Please note that these pauses are taken into account when calculating the credits used for video exports.

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