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👐 How to Add Custom Avatar Gestures In-Script
👐 How to Add Custom Avatar Gestures In-Script

Learn how to use Gesture Control to specify exactly where in the script your avatar performs a gesture.

Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

Now you have the ability to visually highlight important points in your scripts and have more control over your AI Avatar's movements. Whether it's a friendly greeting, a raised hand, or a directional gesture, this feature offers a wide range of expressive possibilities when creating AI videos.

How to Add Gestures Directions In-Script

Step 1: Choose Your Avatar

Currently, not all AI Studios avatars have gestures available. Only avatars with the blue 'Gesture' signage can perform precise gestures. More avatars with gestures will be added in future updates!

Step 2: Add Gestures In Script

To add a gesture in a specific part of the script, simply click on the desired location in the text and then click on the waving icon located at the bottom left of the text editor. This will place a blue waving icon in the script where the gesture will take place.

Step 3: Select A Gesture

Once the blue icon appears in the script editor, click on it to select the desired gesture to be performed.

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