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💬 How to Use Multi-Avatar Scenes
💬 How to Use Multi-Avatar Scenes

Learn how to add multiple avatars into your video scenes in AI Studios.

Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

Include multi-avatar conversations in your videos to facilitate richer dialogue and interaction between your avatars and your audience. You can now add up to two avatars in a scene, ideal for creating engaging training modules, simulating real-life conversations, and moving beyond narration-driven video styles.

Step 1: Click on the Conversational Avatar Feature

Once you're in AI Studios' video editor, click on the conversation button located on top of the script editor.

Step 2: Choose the Second Avatar

Then, select the second avatar you'd like to include in the scene. The script editor will adjust to reveal script controls for each avatar.

Simply type in what you want each avatar to say. All typical script customization features, such as precise gestures and talking speed, will be applicable.

Step 3: Add Pauses

If you want a pause between speaking turns, simply click the "Add Pause" button and enter the desired pause duration in seconds.

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