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🖼️ How to Create a Dream Avatar
🖼️ How to Create a Dream Avatar

Turn ordinary photos into engaging Talking Photos.

Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

Meet our Dream Avatar feature at AI Studios—your go-to tool for turning any portrait into a talking avatar. Simply upload your photo, type in what you want it to say, and our avatar generator will handle the rest. For a more personal touch, you can even clone your voice.

Whether for business or personal use, Dream Avatar offers a unique and engaging way to communicate and connect in the digital world. Let’s get talking!

Step 1: Access the Dream Avatar Feature

Start by logging into AI Studios. You'll find the "Dream Avatar" option under the "Quick Start" menu.

Step 2: Upload a Portrait Photo

In the Dream Avatar builder, upload a front-facing photo of the face you want to animate. For the best results, use a straight-on image rather than one that's angled or tilted.

Step 3: Choose a Template

Explore our selection of pre-made templates designed for various uses, including the popular virtual business card.

With a Dream Avatar, you can enhance digital assets like business cards, e-cards, or even profile pictures, making them more engaging and interactive.

Step 4a: Pick a Voice

Select a voice from our extensive library, which includes over 80 languages and more than 100 options for both female and male voices.

Step 4b: Clone Your Voice

For a truly personalized touch, you can clone your own voice for text-to-speech use. Simply record a quick 10-second clip using the script we provide. This adds a unique, personal flair to your avatar.

Step 4b: Generate Your Dream Avatar

Take a moment to review your recording. If you’re not satisfied with how it sounds, feel free to re-record it until it's just right. You'll also see a preview of your avatar’s appearance. Our AI automatically removes the background from your chosen photo, ensuring it blends seamlessly into any design.

Once everything looks good, hit the “Create Dream Avatar” button to bring your avatar to life!

Step 6: Enter Your Script

After your avatar is created, you’ll be directed to our editor. Start by typing the script you want your avatar to speak. Just like any video in AI Studios, credits will be deducted for the footage—each minute costs 1 credit.

Additionally, you’ll have access to all our tools to fine-tune your synthesized voice, including a dictionary tool for correcting any mispronunciations. We recommend using the 'Listen' button to preview your script and ensure it sounds exactly as you intended.

Where to Find Your Dream Avatar

Want to reuse your Dream Avatar? It's super easy! You can find it under the 'Photo Avatar' tab in the Model menu. This feature allows you to conveniently integrate your custom avatar into any creative project you have in mind.

User Agreement and Responsibilities for Avatar Creation

User Responsibility: You are solely responsible for the content (photos or videos) you upload to create your avatar. You must ensure that you have the necessary rights and permissions to use the content you upload.

  1. Copyright and Sensitive Issues: DeepBrain AI does not take any responsibility for any copyright infringements or other sensitive issues that may arise from the use of your uploaded content. You understand that unauthorized use of copyrighted material, or the creation of avatars using content without proper permissions, may result in legal consequences.

  2. Legal Implications: You acknowledge that misuse of the Dream Avatar and Instant Avatar features, including but not limited to uploading unauthorized or inappropriate content, can lead to civil or criminal penalties. It is your responsibility to use these features in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  3. Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold harmless DeepBrain AI, its affiliates, and partners from any claims, damages, or liabilities arising from your use of the Dream Avatar and Instant Avatar features.

By proceeding with the use of Dream Avatar and Instant Avatar, you agree to these terms and confirm your understanding of the responsibilities and potential legal implications involved.

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