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Does AI Studios offer a subtitle function?

Yes. Under the “Text” function you can generate subtitles. When you click “Load Script” AI Studios will automatically extract the content of the text box and generate subtitles. You can also adjust the subtitles simply by inputting the start and end times.

Can more than one AI Avatar run on a same slide?

Unfortunately this function is still under development.

How can I view the remaining amount of videos I can create?

You can confirm by going into 'my page > my plan' or by clicking at the upper right corner of the edition tool's personal info icon.

Can I create a video using Microsoft PowerPoint?

Yes. you can import PowerPoint(16:9 pptx files) from your project page. The notes in the PowerPoint slides will automatically be uploaded to scripts. After importing the slides you can choose the AI Avatar and locate them where and how you want. You can also edit additional features such as subtitles. When it is all done, you are ready to export.

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