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👨 How to Change AI Avatar Views (Full-Body, Circular, & Voice-Only)
👨 How to Change AI Avatar Views (Full-Body, Circular, & Voice-Only)

Learn how to customize your AI avatar to switch between full-body, circular, or voice-only views to fit your project perfectly.

Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

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What Avatar Views are Available?

Full Body View

The Full Body View offers a complete visualization of the avatar's body, which can be adjusted to show as much or as little of the body as desired.

Circular View

The Circular View is more compact and condensed, showing only the avatar from the neck up in a circular frame.

Voice-Only View

The Voice-Only View enables users to focus solely on the avatar's voice.

Getting Started

When you first enter a new project, the default view is the full body form. To switch your avatar view, click on the avatar you want to customize. A menu will pop up on the upper left, giving you two options:

  • Only this Slide — Selecting "Only this Slide" will change the view only in the selected slide and keep the avatar view the same in other slides.

  • Apply All Slides — Selecting "Apply All Slides" will change the view type of all other avatars in the video to the same type.

To adjust the size of the avatar, simply select it and drag the sides or corners of the white border that appears around it. Similarly, to change the avatar's position on the slide, click and drag anywhere inside the white borders.

How to Change to Circular View

After selecting whether you want the circular view to apply only to this slide or all others, your avatar will be updated to reflect the circular view shown in the second image.

This is an AI Avatar in a circular view. This is great for filling up white space in your slide as well as complimenting design elements.

How to Change to Voice-Only View

Once you have chosen whether you want the voice-only view to apply to this slide or all the others, your avatar will be updated to reflect the view displayed in the second image.

When the voice-only view is selected, the avatar will not be visible on the slide. However, the audio capabilities of the avatar will still be present, allowing the video to solely feature the avatar's voice.

How to Change to Full Body View

To switch to the full-body view, choose whether to apply the view to only one slide or all slides. Once selected, the avatar will be updated to reflect the new view as shown in the second image.

The full-body view is the most versatile of all avatar views. You can adjust the amount of the avatar's body shown in the video by dragging any of its corners when selected.

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