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Learn how to add and customize text in your videos, including color and font design.

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Getting Started

To add text to your scene or slide, locate the text button on the left-hand side menu bar.

Choosing a Text Style

After selecting the "Text" button in the menu, a pull-up menu will appear with three primary default text options: Title, Subtitle, and Body Text. These options will help you get started with the most commonly used font sizes.

In this picture, you can see three types of text in the default font and size.

Customizing Font and Highlight Color

After selecting a text style, you can customize the font and highlight color by using the color sliders.

  • Stroke: A feature that outlines the letters with a border. (Red in Reference)

  • Font Color: A common text feature that allows you to change the color of the letters. (Yellow in Reference)

  • Highlight/Background Color: A shaded box is used to surround selected text in a different color from the background. (Purple in Reference)

Adjusting Color

There are three different ways to change each color:

  1. The first option is to use the color slider bars. The top bar controls the hue of the color, while the second bar controls its lightness.

  2. Another option is to use the large color slider box, which contains color sliders on both the X and Y axes, resulting in an intuitive gradient UI.

  3. The hex color code field uses a six-character code to specify a color. It is located in a textbox near the bottom of the menu.

To customize the colors of the slider bar and large slider box, simply drag the small circle buttons to the desired settings. This allows for a high level of precision and control in choosing the font colors.

Using a hex color code is a great option if you have a specific color palette or want to keep all colors consistent. You can copy and paste the hex code anywhere, and the hue and shade will be universally the same.

Making Changes to Stroke

To customize the stroke outline width for each letter, utilize the slider bar. The default size is 0. To add a colored outline to your words, slide the bar to the right. You also have the option to adjust the stroke position, stroke join, and stroke cap!

Making Changes to Highlight/Background

The padding slider adjusts the distance between the edge of the highlight and the letters. When the slider is dragged to the far right, there is more space between the letters and the edge of the highlight box.

The corner radius slider changes the roundness of the corners of the highlight box. A value of 0 indicates a sharp 90-degree corner, and the higher the slider value, the rounder the edges of the highlight will become.

Choosing a Font

We offer a wide variety of fonts that are popular among creative professionals and brands. Our selection includes bold and eye-catching typefaces, as well as more subtle and classic options, ensuring that all of our users can find the perfect font.

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