How to Import PPT into AI Studios
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AI Studios' PPT-to-video feature not only allows you to create engaging and informative presentations, but it also saves time in creating videos and eliminates the need for public speaking. With the help of AI Studios, you can share your presentations at scale without ever having to worry about speaking in front of an audience.

Getting Started

Currently, the only way to access the PPT-to-Video feature is through the AI Studios main menu. To find it, look under “Start with,” and then click on the “Import PowerPoint” button.

Importing Your PowerPoint

A pop-up menu will appear. Here, you will need to drag or import your PowerPoint file.

When importing a PowerPoint file into AI Studios, it's important to note that only the text in the notes section will be read.

Furthermore, to ensure accurate pronunciation, the notes should be written in a single language and numbers should be written in words rather than digits. For example, write "one, two, three" instead of "1, 2, 3".

Editing and Final Touches

Once the PowerPoint is imported, you will see the AI Avatar in its default position - in the middle of the slide and with a full body.

You can adjust the placement and view of the AI Avatar on the screen from here on out. For slides with a lot of content, we recommend using audio only to reduce visual distractions. Additionally, you can use the ChatGPT feature in our script box area to further refine and edit your script for narrating your presentation.

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