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🙅‍♂️ How to Preview AI Avatar, Script, and Video
🙅‍♂️ How to Preview AI Avatar, Script, and Video

Learn how to preview your video and narration to make sure everything is perfect before generating it.

Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

Are you curious about our AI Avatars and how they sound before starting your own AI Studios video project? We've got you covered! Here's how you can preview them in action without using up your minutes.

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Preview Stock Avatars Before Starting Project

Click on the "avatar" tag in the left-most menu.

Here, you can find a library of our AI Humans and all of their outfits.

Click on an AI Avatar to see a short video of them in action and hear their default voice. If you like the model, you can select "Try This Model" to open a new video project with the chosen avatar.

Preview Script & Video In-Editor

Unfortunately, AI Studios does not offer the option to preview your AI Avatar’s body and lip-syncing in action before exporting your video, just yet. However, you can still get a preview of the video animations and listen to the AI Avatar's voice as it reads your script.

There are two ways to preview your project

  1. Voice Only

  2. Voice with Video Preview of Slides and Media/Element Animation

To preview just the voice, click the "Listen" button. To preview the voice with a video, use the "Preview" button.

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