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🧠 How to Convert Topic to Video
🧠 How to Convert Topic to Video

Transform text to video with our AI Prompt-to-Video converter. Create first draft videos with footage, script, and narration in minutes.

Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

Introducing Topic-to-Video, designed to kickstart your creative process. Bypass the daunting 'blank page' syndrome and transform ideas into video drafts in minutes.

Just type in your video idea and watch as AI Studios writes a tailored script, creates on-topic video footage, and generates an AI Avatar-led narration.

How to Generate a Video From a Text Prompt

Step 1: Navigate to Topic to Video

To access Topic to Video, you can either use the "Quick Start" option or simply type your video prompt into the text input bar at the top of the dashboard.

Step 2: Prompt Your Video and Customize

Enter your video idea in as much detail as possible. To access video customization options, click on the options menu located on the right side of the prompt input bar.

Step 3: Video Customization

Customize the duration and objective of the video to precisely align with your project needs.

Step 4: Select a Template

Once you input your video goal, related templates will appear for you to choose the right one easier. If the template isn't 100% perfect, don't worry. You can always refine and edit once the video has been generated.

Step 5: Select Video Language

Specify the language in which you would like the video to be created. You can create videos in 80+ languages, and the script and footage text will reflect the language changes.

Step 6: Image and Video Style

Select which sources you would like AI Studios to create footage from:

  • Auto: The generator selects the most suitable images for your video.

  • Upload: AI Studios integrates the images uploaded by you.

  • Search: AI Studios finds relevant images and videos from the web based on the video's topic.

  • Free Stock: AI Studios obtains images and videos from Pixabay, a free library of stock photography and media.

  • Premium Stock: AI Studios uses images from our integration with Shutterstock, which offers 3+ million premium stock images, 100+ thousand videos, and 6.8K+ music tracks.

  • Generative: AI Studios creates new and tailored images specifically for your video.

Step 7: Click Generate

When you're ready, click on "generate" and you'll be guided to a loading page where you can watch the script and images being generated in real time.

Step 8: Continue Editing or Generate Your Video

Once the video is generated, you have the option to either directly export the video or go into the video editor to edit the script, replace images, and change the AI avatars.

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