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🔠 How to Use Auto Captions
🔠 How to Use Auto Captions

Learn how to automatically generate and customize captions for your videos.

Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

To make sure all your videos are inclusive and easily digestible for any audience, it's critical you include an option to watch with subtitles. AI Studios makes it incredibly easy, with just three clicks, to generate captions for your videos in minutes.

How to Generate Captions Automatically in AI Studios

Step 1: Navigate to the Caption Menu

Once you're in AI Studios, you can find the captions menu on the left-hand side menu. However, please note that you cannot create captions until a script has been inputted into the text editor.

Step 2: Generate Captions

Generating captions is as easy as one click! Just click on the blue button and wait for a few moments for you captions to be created.

Step 3: Edit and Personalize Captions

Once captions have been created for your video, you can edit the timing and change the text displayed as subtitles.

You can easily translate the captions by using our GPT integration located underneath the main text editor (with auto-translation capabilities coming soon!)

Step 4: Download Captions

For creators who wish to upload subtitles to an external source, you can easily obtain the .srt (SubRip Subtitle file) by clicking on the white 'Caption Download' button.

Step 5: Remove Captions

If you choose not to include subtitles in your video, or if you need to upload a video without subtitles and upload the .srt file separately, you can easily remove the captions by clicking the red "Remove Captions" button.

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