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✨ Collaboration and Avatar Creation Just Got Easier + Many More NEW Features
✨ Collaboration and Avatar Creation Just Got Easier + Many More NEW Features

Check out what’s new in AI Studios V3.2.2!

Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated this week

We’re incredibly excited to introduce new features that expand the possibilities for both individuals and teams in AI Studios. This update is designed to open up a world of new use cases, enabling more creativity and collaboration than ever before.

DeepBrain AI launched new ways to create personal avatars easily, whether you're at home, at work, or anywhere with an internet connection. We've also expanded our suite with more scalable video creation tools, all with a strong focus on personalization. Additionally, after much anticipation, we're rolling out features designed to support teams of all sizes.

We can't wait for you to explore and play around with our new features—read more about them below.

New Custom Avatar Creation Tools

💻 Instant Custom Avatar

In just a couple of minutes, you can create dynamic avatars using just your webcam or smartphone. Whether you're walking in a park or sitting in your favorite office corner, Custom Instant Avatars make it feel like you're there in person, filming a video—when really, you're just typing away on your computer.

This avatar is perfect for content creators who need to churn out content quickly or for anyone who wants to produce videos without the hassle of a full camera setup every time. Create content that feels authentic and engaging, all while leveraging the power of AI. Learn how to create an instant custom avatar →

🖼️ Dream Avatar

Turn your images into talking avatars with AI Studios! Simply upload a portrait—whether it’s of a person or a character—enter your script, and let our avatar generator take care of the rest.

Dream Avatar features voice cloning to capture your voice for use as text-to-speech, or you can choose from our preset voices, allowing you to create talking images in multiple languages with just text. This avatar offers an easy yet impactful way to communicate, making it perfect for creating virtual business cards, fun eCards, or even leveling up your profile picture. Learn how to create a dream avatar →

Personalized Video Creation at Scale

📧 Video Messages

Create a video once, send it to many, and make everyone feel like it was created just for them. When creating a video, you can set tags for personalized content and manually input the details of each recipient, or you can mass-produce personalized videos by simply uploading a spreadsheet.

Our 'Video Message' feature helps you connect more personally with each recipient. Whether you’re a sales rep aiming to enhance your pitches, managing a marketing campaign, or even sending out a birthday invitation, this feature lets you engage everyone with videos tailored just for them. Learn how to use Video Messages →

📅 Series of Videos

Built on our advanced Prompt to Video technology, our automated Social Media Video Creator and Scheduler lets you easily create a series of videos based on the topics of your choice. Just type a topic in or upload a spreadsheet, and you're all set! It will automatically upload and share the video directly to your social media profiles at the scheduled time you've set. Start simplifying your content strategy today!

Currently exclusive to TikTok, we're excited to expand to more social media platforms soon. Learn how to use Series of Videos →

🌐 One-Click Translation

Take your videos global with AI Studios' One-Click Translation tool! Instantly translate your content into 10 languages—more coming soon—complete with voiceovers, subtitles, and on-screen text. It’s quick, fully customizable, and incredibly easy to use.

👥 Introduction to Teams & Workspaces

Creating content is a team effort, whether you're working on an internal project or partnering with others outside your company. Each team member plays a crucial role in bringing the final video to life.

Our Workspaces feature offers a collaborative environment that streamlines communication and coordination across your team, simplifying the video creation process. Within this shared space, you can easily exchange ideas, collaborate on videos together, and share resources to make video production easier than ever before.

Key Features of Workspaces:

  1. Centralized Collaboration: Work together on video content from anywhere at any time. Everything your team needs is centralized in one workspace.

  2. Resource Sharing: Share templates, images, videos, fonts, and music within your workspace, helping everyone stay on the same creative page.

  3. Synchronized Projects: Keep all projects synced in the workspace so they're easy to access and collaborate on.

  4. Interactive Feedback: Share comments and provide direct feedback on video projects to refine and enhance your outputs. Learn More About Share Page

  5. Unified Branding: Keep your team's video content consistent with shared custom fonts, logos, and assets in your workspace’s brand kit.

  6. Efficient Resource Management: Pool all video credits into one account, simplifying management and eliminating the need for separate subscriptions for each team member.

We have updated our pricing page to reflect our new features. Please visit our Pricing Page to see the changes. Workspace features and One-Click Translation are exclusive to the Team plan.

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