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👔 How to Select an AI Avatar
👔 How to Select an AI Avatar

Learn how to choose the perfect AI Avatar for your video from our large collection of options.

Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

When creating an AI Studio video, choosing the right AI presenter is half the battle. DeepBrain AI offers a wide range of over 100 different avatar models, each with unique outfits and gestures, as well as expertise in various languages synthesized from the human model's real voice.

🧍‍♂️Enterprise Customers

Enterprise users have the option to request a custom Studio Avatar project as an add-on to an existing plan. This add-on is currently not available to Starter and Pro plan users (Dream and Custom Instant Avatar are available).

Custom Studio AI Avatars are made in the same style as our stock avatars and are tailored to match your brand's image and style. You can fully customize the avatar's outfits, appearance, language, tone, and overall persona to perfectly align with your content and vision.

Choosing a Stock Model

To choose the right AI avatar model for your video, navigate to the 'model' tab located on the left side of the menu.

After clicking the tab, an array of different models should pop up. You can browse through the available options to find the one that works best with your overall vision for the project. Learn more about avatar views

For avatars marked with a "Gesture" indication in the top right-hand corner, you can incorporate specific gestures into the script. Learn more about precise gesture

Selecting a Dream Avatar

Dream Avatars are stored in the same menu as our stock models but under the 'Photo Avatar' tab. Once you select this tab, any photo avatars you've created will appear here.

Selecting a Custom Instant Avatar

Custom Instant Avatars will appear at the top of the Model menu. If you've never created a Custom Avatar in AI Studios before, we offer sample avatars that you can use to try out the feature.

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