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💻 How to Convert URL to Video
💻 How to Convert URL to Video

Learn how to transform any blog post, news article, e-commerce product page, or website into video drafts simply by entering a URL.

Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

Enter a URL to your blog, e-commerce store, or any website to turn it into a full-production, engaging video.

AI Studios can convert your URL into a video draft with a tailored script using information from the webpage, and scenes that incorporate supporting relevant images and designs for any video need.

How to Convert URL to Mp4

Step 1: Navigate to URL to Video

Navigate to the 'quick start' menu and select 'URL-to-video'. Click on the tool to open a pop-up menu.

Step 2: Copy-Paste URL

Copy-paste the URL you want to convert into a video. This feature works best for eCommerce, blog/news, or company websites!

Step 3: Video Customization

Customize the duration and objective of the video to precisely align with your project needs.

For URL to video, the duration may not have the option to be adjusted due to the length and volume of information included. AI Studios may also auto adjust the goal of the video based off the URL. If neither option can be set to your preference, the text and visuals can be adjusted in the editing phase after the video is generated.

Step 4: Select Video Language

Specify the language in which you would like the video to be created. You can create videos in 80+ languages, and the script and footage text will reflect the language changes.

Step 5: Image and Video Style

Select which sources you would like AI Studios to create footage from:

  • Auto: The generator selects the most suitable images for your video.

  • Upload: AI Studios integrates the images uploaded by you.

  • Search: AI Studios finds relevant images and videos from the web based on the video's topic.

  • Free Stock: AI Studios obtains images and videos from Pixabay, a free library of stock photography and media.

  • Premium Stock: AI Studios uses images from our integration with Shutterstock, which offers 3+ million premium stock images, 100+ thousand videos, and 6.8K+ music tracks.

  • Generative: AI Studios creates new and tailored images specifically for your video.

Step 6: Click Generate

When you're ready, click on "generate" and you'll be guided to a loading page where you can watch the script and images being generated in real time.

Step 7: Continue Editing or Generate Your Video

Once the video is generated, you have the option to either directly export the video or go into the video editor to edit the script, replace images, and change the AI avatars.

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