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💻 How to Make an Instant Custom Avatar
💻 How to Make an Instant Custom Avatar

Learn how to create a custom avatar in minutes using your webcam or smartphone.

Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

An Instant Custom Avatar is your digital twin, created quickly and easily on AI Studios. Once created, there’s no need for camera setups or getting camera-ready. Simply type your script, and your avatar will deliver your message as if you filmed it. The entire creation process takes just about 5 minutes.

The Instant Custom Avatar is our most dynamic avatar creation option. Whether you’re sitting at your desk or walking through a park, it replicates your movements from the original video.

Access the Custom Avatar Feature

Start by logging into AI Studios. You'll find the "Custom Avatar" option under the "Quick Start" menu.

Create an Custom Avatar

There are two methods to create your Instant Custom Avatar:

  1. Recording Yourself Directly in the Editor

  2. Uploading a Video

The quality of your camera plays a crucial role. For convenience, we recommend using a webcam. For more dynamic videos (like if you're moving around), a smartphone works well. To achieve the best quality for both still and moving avatars, consider using a professional camera.

Important Reminder: Your avatar will mimic exactly what it sees and hears in your input. Any nuances, like a cough, specific body movements, or variations in your voice, will be replicated in the avatar. Ensure your original footage is clean and precise to achieve the best results.

Custom Avatar Video Recording Guidelines

Creating a high-quality Instant Avatar starts with a good recording. Here are some tips to help you capture the best possible video:

  1. Choose a Quiet Environment: Select a calm setting to minimize background noise, ensuring your voice is clear and easily understandable.

  2. Ensure Proper Lighting: Good lighting is essential. Position yourself so that your face is evenly lit, avoiding harsh shadows or bright backlighting.

  3. Stable Camera Setup: Use a stable setup to prevent shaky footage. A tripod or steady surface is ideal.

  4. Frame Yourself Correctly: Position the camera at eye level and make sure you are centered in the frame. This helps maintain a natural and engaging appearance.

  5. Limit Head Movements: Avoid moving your head too much. Excessive movement can interfere with the proper synthesis of your avatar.

  6. Pause and Close Your Mouth After Each Sentence: For the best lip-sync results, take a moment to pause and close your mouth at the end of each sentence.

  7. Minimize Background Movement: If you’re recording a dynamic avatar in motion, it’s okay to have some background movement. However, avoid anything too fast or sudden, like moving vehicles, as it can distract from the avatar creation.

  8. Avoid Other Faces in the Frame: Make sure no other faces are visible in your recording. The presence of multiple faces can lead to errors in how your avatar is synthesized.

Pro Tip: Once synthesized, AI Studios reduces the amount of emotion and expression in your recording. To get the desired level of expressiveness, record yourself with 130% more exaggeration than you'd like AI Studios to produce. Avoid speaking in a calm voice (unless that's the intended effect), as it may sound quite monotone.

Recording Directly In-Editor

Set Up

When recording directly in the editor, make sure your environment is well-lit and quiet. Position yourself in the frame just as you want to be portrayed as an avatar.

Video Recording

Click 'Start Recording,' and we'll provide a script for you to read. However, feel free to speak about anything that makes you comfortable and sounds natural—as long as the recording lasts at least 2 minutes. Make sure to speak clearly to ensure your voice is captured accurately.

Uploading a Video

Bypassing the Recoding Screen

If you prefer to use a pre-recorded video, simply click on "Upload File" to upload your recording.

Choose Your Recording Type

AI Studios will then prompt you to specify whether your video recording features you in motion (like walking or moving around) or in a stable, still position (such as standing or sitting). Choose the option that best describes your video to ensure optimal avatar creation.

AI Studios will guide you through the video upload process, which only takes a few clicks to complete.

Finalizing Your Avatar

Name Your Custom Avatar and Select the Gender

Start by naming your avatar. We recommend choosing a name that not only describes the avatar but also the background. This makes it easier to select the right instant avatar in the future, especially if you have multiple custom avatars of the same model but in different settings. Additionally, please select the gender of your avatar, either male or female, to enhance the synthesis process.

Go Through the Checklist

Finally, review the checklist to make sure everything is set up correctly before generating your new custom avatar. Once you've confirmed that everything is accurate, click "Confirm my video."

If the footage isn't quite what you wanted, you have the option to click 'record again' and make the necessary adjustments.

⏰ Your avatar processing time depends on the size and length of the original video file. Instant Avatar processing can take as little as 5 minutes and up to 30-40 minutes. If your avatar is not processed within an hour, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team or try reprocessing the video.

User Agreement and Responsibilities for Avatar Creation

User Responsibility: You are solely responsible for the content (photos or videos) you upload to create your avatar. You must ensure that you have the necessary rights and permissions to use the content you upload.

  1. Copyright and Sensitive Issues: DeepBrain AI does not take any responsibility for any copyright infringements or other sensitive issues that may arise from the use of your uploaded content. You understand that unauthorized use of copyrighted material, or the creation of avatars using content without proper permissions, may result in legal consequences.

  2. Legal Implications: You acknowledge that misuse of the Dream Avatar and Instant Custom Avatar features, including but not limited to uploading unauthorized or inappropriate content, can lead to civil or criminal penalties. It is your responsibility to use these features in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  3. Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold harmless DeepBrain AI, its affiliates, and partners from any claims, damages, or liabilities arising from your use of the Dream Avatar and Instant Custom Avatar features.

By proceeding with the use of Dream Avatar and Instant Custom Avatar, you agree to these terms and confirm your understanding of the responsibilities and potential legal implications involved.

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