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🔠How to Use AI Prompts
🔠How to Use AI Prompts

Create editable, stylized video drafts in minutes.

Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

Our AI Prompt tools allows you to create video drafts, fast.

Type a prompt, upload a PPT or PDF, or paste a URL, blog, or article. In minutes, you'll have a fully created video, including footage, script, and AI voiceover.

What's Included in AI Prompts?

✏️ Topic to Video

Discover the ease of creating videos from just a single prompt! Turn your ideas into video drafts quickly and effortlessly, helping you overcome the challenge of starting projects from scratch.

  • Quick Social Media Videos: Craft videos for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more in just a few clicks, ready to share with your audience.

  • Presentations: Skip the lengthy script writing and slide deck design. Generate presentation video drafts in no time and customize them to make it your own.

  • Any Video Need: Have a video idea? Create a high-quality video draft complete with script, footage, and narration in minutes.

🔗 URL to Video

Turn any webpage into an engaging video with our URL to Video feature. Convert the URL from your blog, e-commerce store, or any website, and DeepBrain AI will create a video draft complete with script, footage, and AI narration.

  • Ecommerce Product Videos: Perfect for Amazon, Shopify, or any e-commerce site. Easily copy-paste your URL and get a product video created in no time.

  • News Segments: Instantly transform breaking news stories or insightful articles into engaging video content. No cameras, mics, or broadcasters needed.

  • Blog Videos: Content repurposing made easy – maximize your engagement and reach by turning blogs into videos ready to share.

📄 Docs to Video

Whether you're delivering pitches, training videos, or presentations, AI Studios can turn your .PPT, .PDF, .XLSX, and more into engaging videos that keep your audience engaged from start to finish.

  • Video Presentations: Convert your PowerPoint or PDF files into presentation videos, making it easy to share information quickly and efficiently.

  • Training and Educational Videos: Free up your time for teaching by creating customizable teaching and training videos quickly and effortlessly with files you already have.

  • Sales Material: Stand out in sales pitches or create personalized product demos effortlessly with customized videos tailored to any potential client.

📜 Article to Video

Perfect for bloggers, reporters, marketers, and educators looking to give their text-based digital content a new lease on life in video form. Paste your text or research into AI Studios to transform it into scripts, footage, and AI avatar-led narration.

  • Teaching Materials: Transform your teaching notes into videos without the hassle of creating scripts or footage.

  • Blog Videos: Easily repurpose your blogs by converting your text to video, and share them on social media to expand your reach.

  • News Segments: Have notes or an article written? Simply paste them into AI Studios, and we'll transform them into studio-quality news segments.

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