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🌐 Voice and Language Selection
🌐 Voice and Language Selection
Written by Sabrina Wu
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Since AI avatars are computer-generated rather than filmed real humans, you can customize their voice to sound like anyone and speak any language. AI Studios offers more than 80+ languages and even more voice types for you to choose from.

Table of Contents

Locate Voice and Language Options

To access the text-to-speech (TTS) options for voice and language, navigate to the box at the upper right-hand corner of the script box and click on it.

Preview and Select Language & Voice

A pop-up menu will appear, displaying all available voices and languages. You can preview the voices by clicking on the blue play button. Once you find the voice and language you want, click on the option and be sure to select "Apply Voices" after that.

Final Review

To confirm that you have selected your TTS voice and language, check that the language you selected is displayed in the original menu box on the upper right of the script box.

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