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Introductory Guide to AI Studios 3.0
Introductory Guide to AI Studios 3.0

Create professional-quality videos without the expensive equipment. A gentle, yet comprehensive guide to DeepBrain's AI Studios 3.0 beta.

Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

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Welcome to AI Studios 3.0 beta by DeepBrain AI! 👋😊 Meet our hyper-realistic AI Avatars and create professional-quality videos in minutes.

DeepBrain's AI Studios simplifies storytelling and communication, saving you time and resources. Our AI text-to-video generator changes the game for video creation for marketers, educators, and everyone who wants to share information visually.

What is AI Studios 3.0?

AI Studios is a text-to-video generator that uses advanced generative AI and cutting-edge TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology to create videos in three easy steps:

  1. Choose an AI Avatar from our 100+ stock avatars, or create a custom avatar with us!

  2. Enter or generate scripts you would like your AI Avatar to say in the video. AI Studios supports 80+ languages with a wide range of voice types and tones for each.

  3. Edit and animate scenes as easily as creating a PowerPoint or slide deck

✨ Then, AI Studios will do its magic and handle the rest!

The best part? You can create videos in minutes (and scale with different languages) without the need for costly cameras or microphones. With AI Studios, your videos will come to life with engaging narration and animated AI Avatars.

We would like to thank all our users who have supported and loved AI Studios 2.0 since its release. Starting in January 2024, we will deactivate AI Studios 2.0 to focus our efforts on making the best AI Studios 3.0.

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What are AI Avatars?

AI avatars (aka AI humans or digital humans) are digital representations of humans that exist in the digital world. They are powered by AI, which enables them to mimic human behavior and speech.

DeepBrain's AI avatars also set the industry standard for our lip-syncing abilities using text-to-speech technology. Our avatars can accurately synchronize their lip movements with any language, and they can even lip-sync with uploaded audio or recorded speech.

Start Your Project

There are several options to choose from when starting your AI Studios project.

  1. ChatGPT to Video: Convert text generated by ChatGPT into ready-to-use slides and scripts. Learn More →

  2. URL to Video: Turn a webpage URL into instant slides and scripts. Learn More →

  3. Solid Background: Start your video design with a customizable solid-colored background. Learn More →

  4. Default Background: Start a video with our default blue design background. Learn More →

  5. PowerPoint to Video: Instantly import every slide from your PPT file and convert any notes into scripts. Learn More →

Choose Your Avatar

View all of our available stock avatar options before starting your video. You can explore a diverse selection of fully animated avatars with different appearances, movements, and default voices.

Our AI avatars are designed with a wide range of personality types, offering options that range from serious and professional to bright and cheerful. We constantly add new models to provide a diverse selection of avatars to make sure that you can find the perfect AI human for your video.

AI Studios Video Design Tools

We designed AI Studios with all users in mind, regardless of your skill level. Our goal is to provide easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tools that are also flexible enough to accommodate all your creative ideas.

  1. Templates

    Choose from over 100 templates in categories such as Education, Training, News, Business, Commerce, Health Medical, Social Media, and Marketing to speed up your video-making process. Learn More →

  2. Personal Photos, Videos, and Audio

    Easily add imported pictures, videos, or music to create unique and custom video content that connects with your audience. Learn More →

  3. Stock Images, Videos, and Music

    AI Studios provides stock assets to enhance your projects. Whether you need professional images, relevant videos, or background music, AI Studios has you covered. Learn More →

  4. Shapes

    We offer a wide variety of commonly used shapes that can be quickly accessed while designing video visual elements. Learn More →

  5. Setting Backgrounds

    Customize video backgrounds with options like solid colors, pre-designed backgrounds, imported photos or videos, and stock assets. Learn More →

  6. Mobile or Web View (Coming Soon)

    Easily switch between horizontal and vertical formats for web and mobile viewing. Learn More →

AI Video Script Tools

  1. Using ChatGPT

    By using our pre-installed ChatGPT tool, you can easily generate and refine your scripts. Whether you're an experienced scriptwriter or a beginner, AI Studios helps you create professional and engaging content effortlessly. Learn More →

  2. Adding Pauses

    Pauses in AI Studios is a versatile tool. They can add drama to your AI avatar's words or create time for displaying additional visuals. Learn More →

  3. Adjusting Scene and Speaking Speed

    Whether you prefer a slower pace of speech for a relaxed video, or a faster speed to convey excitement and energy, you can customize the speed of the scene and your AI Avatars' speech to match the energy of your video’s topic. Learn More →

  4. Dictionary (coming soon)

    The dictionary feature lets you customize and adjust how your AI avatars pronounce words. This allows you to fine-tune and personalize their articulation and pronunciation, making sure they sound just right. Learn More →

Check Your Progress

AI Studio's preview tools allow you to get a sneak peek of all the moving parts in your video without spending credits. While there is no preview for AI human's lip-sync and body movements, you can still review how they deliver your scripts which can help you make adjustments before the final rendering.

  1. Video Preview: Preview your video to make any necessary edits, improvements, and adjustments, and see how all the animations and moving parts come together.

  2. TTS Preview: Review the script and listen to the avatar’s voice in advance to see how the dialogue flows and make any necessary changes to make sure it's perfect.

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