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⚙️How to Customize AI Prompt Videos

Learn how to use our options menu to customize your prompt, ensuring your generated video is exactly what you want.

Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

We strongly recommend adjusting your video preferences to generate videos that best fit your needs. It's easy! Follow this quick guide to save time on editing and tweaking your video after it has been generated.

How to Customize AI Videos Before Generating

Step 1: Locating the Options Menu

The options menu is located on the left-hand side of the main input bar. If you've opened a menu from "Quick Start," you can find it in the bottom left-hand corner.

Step 2: Video Orientation

First, select your video orientation. You can choose between landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) video formats.

Step 3: Video Goal & Template Selection

Then, select your video objective. This will help filter templates, making it easier for you to find the ideal template for your video needs.

Step 4: Video Duration

You can choose a video length in 30-second increments. However, this duration selection is not available for all AI video creation options.

If you need the video to be a specific length, you can edit the content after the video is generated, in the case this selection is not available to you. Tip: Use our in-editor ChatGPT script assistant to help edit, trim, or expand the script as needed.

Step 5: Language Selection

You can generate your video in more than 80 languages. Simply specify the language you need, and AI Studios will produce the script and video footage text in that language.

Step 6: Media Source

Select which sources you would like AI Studios to create footage from:

  • File Background: AI Studios will generate video footage using uploaded files as a background. This works best for slide decks and PowerPoints. Only available for Docs-to-Video

  • Auto: The generator selects the most suitable images for your video.

  • Upload: AI Studios integrates the images uploaded by you.

  • Search: AI Studios finds relevant images and videos from the web based on the video's topic.

  • Free Stock: AI Studios obtains images and videos from Pixabay, a free library of stock photography and media.

  • Premium Stock: AI Studios uses images from our integration with Shutterstock, which offers 3+ million premium stock images, 100+ thousand videos, and 6.8K+ music tracks.

  • Generative: AI Studios creates new and tailored images specifically for your video.

Step 7: Generative Media Settings

If you opt to use generated media, you can select the art style in which you want the image to be produced.

  • Auto: Have AI Studios choose which styles work better for your video

  • Photo: Creates lifelike images by focusing on realistic lighting and shadows

  • Vector Image: Generates sharp, clean graphics for both abstract and realistic subjects

  • Illustration: Imitates hand-drawn or digitally painted images, typically with a higher degree of creativity and artistic expression

  • 3D: Creates tangible environments and objects with depth and realism, based on virtual three-dimensional models

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