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✨ Welcome to AI Studios 3.2 ✨
✨ Welcome to AI Studios 3.2 ✨
Written by Sabrina Wu
Updated over a week ago

We know the landscape of design and video tools all too well: they're often built for professionals, focus narrowly on single tasks, or are dispersed across complex and costly platforms. This is precisely why, in our continued effort to simplify video creation for everyone without sacrificing quality, we're incredibly excited to introduce the latest chapter of AI Studios with our most groundbreaking update yet.

Meet AI Studios 3.2. Designed to be used by individuals, teams, and large organizations alike, with AI Studios there’s no need to toggle between multiple AI tools or learn lots of different software – all the best of AI for content creation is at your fingertips.

What is AI Studios?

At its core, AI Studios redefines how we create and produce videos. By leveraging cutting-edge AI and hyper-realistic AI Avatar technology, we offer a platform that is not only powerful but also intuitive for users at every skill level. Whether you're crafting educational content, marketing materials, or engaging storytelling, AI Studios serves as your all-in-one video creation suite.

For detailed explanations and instructions on how to use all AI Avatar features, please visit the following link! 😊 [Link to AI Studios' Knowledge Bank]

Introducing AI Studios 3.2

AI Studios 3.2 is more than just an update; it's a reimagining of what's possible in video creation.

See what’s new in AI Studios 3.2:

  • Topic to Video

  • URL to Video

  • Article to Video

  • Docs to Video

  • Precise Gestures

  • AI Avatar Conversations

  • AI Art and Video Generator

  • Auto Captions

  • Brand Kit (Custom Fonts & Logos)

  • Scene Transition Animations

  • Precise Audio Control

AI Automation Suite

💬 Topic-to-Video

Ideate, Describe, & Generate.

Introducing Topic-to-Video, designed to kickstart your creative process. Bypass the daunting 'blank page' syndrome and transform ideas into video drafts in minutes. Just type in your video idea and watch as AI Studios writes a tailored script, creates on-topic video footage, and generates an AI Avatar-led narration. Learn More →

💻 URL-to-Video

Copy, Paste, & Generate.

Say hello to URL-to-Video. Simply enter your URL and transform any blog post or news article, e-commerce product page, or website into video drafts ready to edit and share in just a few clicks. Learn More →

✍️ Article-to-Video

Research, Generate, & Publish

Double down on your digital content strategy with Article-to-Video, content repurposing at its finest. Perfect for bloggers, reporters, marketers, and educators looking to give their text-based digital content a new lease on life - in video form. Just copy and paste your text or research and AI Studios will help organize the information into polished scripts, relevant footage, and professional AI avatar presenters. Learn More →

📁 Docs-to-Video

Upload, Generate, & Share

Docs-to-Video brings your static documents to life, transforming presentations, spreadsheets, and more into engaging videos! Whether you're delivering pitches, news, training videos, or presentations, AI Studios can effortlessly turn your PPT, PDF, XLSX, and more into videos that will keep your audience engaged from beginning to end.

Expanded Avatar Capabilities

👍 Precise Gestures

Our most requested feature is now here! Introducing precise AI Avatar gestures, giving you the ability to visually accentuate key points in your scripts and command the movements of your AI Avatar with greater control. From greetings to raising both hands or pointing left or right, these new gestures vary across avatars, offering a range of expressive possibilities. Please note that this feature is still rolling out, and not all avatars have been updated with precise gesture control. Learn More →

👫AI Avatar Conversations

AI Studios now offers multi-avatar conversations to facilitate richer dialogue and interaction in your videos. You can now add up to two avatars in a scene, ideal for creating engaging training modules, simulating real-life conversations, and moving beyond narration-driven video styles. Learn More →

Additional Video Editing and Sharing Tools

🖌️ AI Art and Video Generator

Looking for an image or video that doesn't exist yet? Describe what you need, and create custom content that's on-brand and perfectly suits your video. Learn More →

🔡 Auto-Captions

Generate captions and subtitles automatically to make your video accessible to all viewers. Click on 'Generate Captions', and AI Studios will start the transcription process. Learn More →

🔤 Brand Kit (Custom Fonts & Logos)

AI Studios now offers the option to import custom fonts and your company logo directly in the editor. This allows you to easily access and utilize your favorite typography and design assets for increased creative control, visual impact, and brand consistency.

↗️ Scene Transition Animations

Blend scenes smoothly with AI Studios' scene transition animations, giving you more creative control and improving your video flow and visual content. Learn More →

👂Precise Audio Control

Make sure your music matches perfectly with your video, avoiding any awkward moments, thanks to our upgraded soundtrack and music controls. Easily trim and adjust the soundtrack to fit just right.

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